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We are entirely volunteer-run, and our service is free.

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Our volunteers are top-notch: compassionate, friendly and reliable.

"There are no words to express my gratitude to HOH, Ryan has opened a window of learning, exploring and expression in my son, that I'm over-whelmed with appreciation. My only analogy is that Ryan has gotten water from a rock. This program is amazing. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you."

- Tanya, Hearts over Hands Parent

Virtual Summer Camp

Each summer, we host free, online summer camp workshops where children ages 6-16 can learn a variety of subjects, such as biology and health science, practice skills, such as reading, writing, and public speaking, and take part in enrichment activities, such as baking and gaming. Especially in these difficult times, we recognize that children need to learn new skills and hobbies to be mentally stimulated and active. This summer program is a great way for kids to gain mentors, learn new things, make friends and have something to look forward to each week! Check out what we offered in Summer Camp 2021!

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Step 1

You fill out our "Sign Up" form, in order to provide us with some basic information about your family and help us match you with a volunteer.

Step 2

We get to work pairing your family with one of our volunteers!

Step 3

You receive an email from us, putting you in contact with your volunteer.

Step 4

You meet your volunteer (virtually, of course!), get to know each other, and work out the details for your sessions.

Step 5

Sessions begin between your child(ren) and your volunteer!
Summer Camp 2021
"Mae is WONDERFUL!! My daughter was shy at first but Mae got her to come out of her shell. They play games and do math and reading. I hear both of them giggling from the other room. It is so amazing seeing how happy my child is after their meetings!"
“I have referred this program to multiple friends. I think it's brilliant and as a working parent, it's provides such a reprieve from kids playing video games or watching mindless shows. I am thrilled that someone thought of this. Can't thank you enough.”
"Becca has been the biggest blessing to our little family. She assists with math time and helping with story building skills. I’m able to get so much more studying and work done just because of her. I’ve already recommended you guys to every parent I know!"
"My son looks forward to his sessions with Maxwell. The feedback from my son is positive even after the sessions are over.  I am greatful for the assistance especially during this pandemic. As a parent, Knowing that my son has IEP Hearts over Hands is definitely helping me provide education in our home."
"My daughter is an only child so she really appreciates the interaction. I described this as a kind of “Big Sister” program so whenever our sessions start I call out “your Big Sister is on!” and she comes running to the computer with a big smile."
"After two sessions- I am very grateful. It has been a productive time for my daughter. And I have felt that I could work and accomplish and not feel guilty that I was not working with Remi. Marsha is soft spoken, polite, patient and smart!"hat someone thought of this. Can't thank you enough.”
"Amber is amazing! We love her. She's so sweet and I saw an improvement in Gavin right away! I'm very grateful to Hearts over Hands."
"Thank you for this wonderful service. My kids love Jasneet. She is very nice and patient. My oldest is teaching her how to play chess. My oldest has been telling everyone (mainly family members) that she has a big sister from a big sister program. I am very grateful for this program and everyone volunteering.

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