Shirley Tan

Director of Volunteer Operations

Shirley is a senior at Columbia University studying English and History. Outside of classes, she is a Resident Advisor and served as Programming Chair for Columbia College Student Ambassadors because she has always valued interpersonal connections and working closely with others. She also has extensive experience working with little kids through baby-sitting and teaching arts & crafts. As such, when she found out about Hearts Over Hands during the COVID-19 pandemic, she jumped at the opportunity to get involved. For Shirley, Hearts over Hands is particularly special because of the benefits it brings to both the kids and the volunteers. Amidst the current crisis, it’s more crucial than ever to stay connected by nurturing healthy and fulfilling relationships. Chatting with the kids she calls every week has been a constant highlight and she’s excited to apply her experiences as a Big Sib to support other Big Sibs by making the process as enjoyable and rewarding as possible for everyone involved. When Shirley isn’t making to-do lists and scouring the internet for new teaching resources, she likes to read (and always welcomes new book recommendations), pretend that running is enjoyable, do yoga on Zoom with her friends, and dabble in photography.