Our Mission

As the novel coronavirus spreads, certain families are facing particularly difficult circumstances. With schools, after-school programs, tutoring centers, and babysitting services becoming vastly unavailable, the new reality is for parents to single-handedly take on their children's care and educational needs while minimizing contact with the outside world. We recognize the strain that this places particularly on: parents on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic (such as doctors, medics, grocery store workers, etc.), parents dealing with illness, and single parents.

We created Hearts over Hands with the hope of alleviating some of the pressure that these parents are under.

The aim is simple: To pair currently-enrolled university students with children from families who are adversely impacted, in order to form lasting, stable child-mentor relationships. Our volunteers (also called "Big Sibs") meet with their Little Sibs weekly via virtual video sessions. Video sessions are intended to break the sense of social isolation that children may be experiencing, provide homework help, tutoring, and general mentorship and guidance. ‍