What Parents Say


Leena has been wonderful. I hear my son giggle, laugh and chatty throughout the session. She has found a way to connect through Zoom and reach into the heart of my son. I am forever grateful.


We have been thrilled with Marco - he is working with both my almost 11 year olds. He has tailored his work to their interests and learning styles and he has been in touch with my daughter's tutor to support her learning that way.  They love their sessions with him and we as working parents totally appreciate having him!


We love this program! I’ve already recommended this program to my family and friends on Facebook. My son has been enjoying his meetings with Miss Carmen, learning new things like building a bar graph, reading about caterpillars, and counting cars, and enjoying the time he spends talking to Miss Carmen. And it has helped me quite a bit while I work from home and can have him learn for an hour a day, 3x a week. Wonderful!


Grace was able to get my kids speaking Chinese on a Zoom call, and she was so creative in the activities that they did together! It was a much more real life interaction in Chinese than they got from their classes, and turned out to be very valuable for my kids! I can’t say enough positive things about Hearts Over Hands, they were critical for my kids to keep up with their language learning during shelter-in-place!


Maria is AMAZING! She is a great role model and definitely understands how to work with my daughter. She respects her independence and understood how to allow her to begin the process  while also making sure I am in the loop. My daughter doesn’t always do well with things like this as she can be hesitant but is loving this. Thanks so much!


Isra is great with kids and my daughter is always looking forward to see Isra on the screen! They talk, do homework, do arts and crafts! I appreciate her time and her smile! Bravo!


I am so thankful for Hearts over Hands. Sophia has been great with my girls! They look forward to meeting her every week. She is fun, kind and patient.


We are so grateful for Nora and this program. She has been such a great role model and friend to Julia.  We hope to always stay in touch!


Ariana is the perfect match for our family. She is absolutely wonderful! She is warm, patient, sensitive, a good listener and helpful in any way she can. My daughter is thriving is school and really looks forward to her sessions with Ariana.


Becca has been the biggest blessing to our little family. She assists with math time and helping with story building skills. I’m able to get so much more studying and work done just because of her. I’ve already recommended you guys to every parent I know!


The volunteer from Hearts Over has been doing such a good job with my two kids. She is such nice, patient and warm-hearted young person. She has brought so much happiness and emotion support for my two kids. We feel so luck that we become one member of Hearts over family.


Thank you for this wonderful service. My kids love Jasneet. She is very nice and patient. My oldest is teaching her how to play chess. My oldest has been telling everyone (mainly family members) that she has a big sister from a big sister program. I am very grateful for this program and everyone volunteering.


Fantastic! My daughter really enjoys her calls with Ann. She wakes up early on the days that she has a call with Ann, and doesn’t want the call to end.


Amazing! This has been one of the best things to have happened to my son. He looks forward to the meetings and he learns so much. Thank you!


Emily is very interactive and we are so impressed that she is able to keep Sofia engaged. We are overall very pleased with our experience and we feel that Sofia has made progress expressing herself and with her work.


It had been amazing. My daughter enjoys the time with Joanna. It has been extremely helpful especially with all of the academic schedule changes.


Our volunteers Kevin & Nermine were very warm and friendly with our kids.  They spent hours talking to the kids and keeping them positive during this worst time of the year.


The concept is brilliant and the execution has been top notch.  Brava!  Nomi has been such a pleasure to work with.  So committed, pleasant, patient and sweet.


Meetings with Miss Rosa has been a wonderful addition to my children’s routine during the week. They enjoy having someone to share their artwork with, as they love to draw and color, to also play games with, and hold conversations with during times that are tough for us to do frequently during the day since my husband and I are full-time working parents with demanding jobs.


McKenna has been a Godsend for my daughter. Alex looks forward to her time with McKenna more than anything else.  I cannot say enough positive things about our experience with your company and McKenna. McKenna has helped Alex bridge her isolation and gives her something positive to look forward to. Thank you for what you do.  We couldn't have survived this time without you.


Anna has been a blessing for me and my family! Zion looks forward to playing Pictionary, games, and talking about his week. He hates getting off the zoom. The summer Creative  Writing summer camp week was an amazing opportunity for him and gave him confidence in his writing. The weekly meeting with Anna gave Zion structure and experience to be able to adapt to virtual learning.


My daughter lost her joy in math despite only being in 2nd grade. She just did not like it at all. She has been working on Math and Grammar and has been visibly improved a lot. She even told Juliet the other day that she loves doing Math and grammar with her. What a true blessing. Juliet is very patient and kind.


We had a wonderful experience with Hearts over Hands. My son benefits from the support this company offers. The volunteer connection is such a useful means for my son to expand his knowledge, make new friends, and develop meaningful interactions. Through Hearts over Hands, his friend/volunteer, David, provides my son the "big brother" connection that he needs since he is an only child.


Siri is wonderful, kind and patient with my daughter. My daughter enjoys art working with her and this interaction helps to cope this unusual situation.


My daughter has looked forward to her sessions with Stephanie since we've started.  It's been great to have someone other than family she can look forward to spending time with to learning new things.


I was very impressed with Saphia’s ability to make Maya feel comfortable, with her encouraging words and her making the meeting fun.


Mae is WONDERFUL!! My daughter was shy at first but Mae got her to come out of her shell. They work on math, spelling and reading. They play games and I hear both of them giggling from the other room. It is really amazing seeing how happy my child is after their meetings. We are so grateful!


Mae is WONDERFUL!! My daughter was shy at first but Mae got her to come out of her shell. They work on math, spelling and reading. They play games and I hear both of them giggling from the other room. It is really amazing seeing how happy my child is after their meetings. We are so grateful!


I am very satisfied with this fantastic service being provided to my 2 boys! Zoe is amazing and very engaging with them. This is my first time doing this and I couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you for this opportunity and thank you Zoe for your dedication to my boys!


My daughter is an only child so she really appreciates the interaction. I described this as a kind of “Big Sister” program so whenever our sessions start I call out “your Big Sister is on!” and she comes running to the computer with a big smile.


Anjani is remarkable, the way she explains & breaks down the work. Her patience with my daughter is unbelievable actually. Anjani engages with my daughter all the time, asking her about her day & what interest Nyla. I am honestly so thankful!


Amber is amazing! We love her. She's so sweet and I saw an improvement in Gavin right away! I'm very grateful to Hearts over Hands.


Julia was amazing. She helped my daughter navigate this challenging time both academically and socially.


Claudia is a lifesaver.  My daughter looks forward to math now!